Due lack of free time, I have to gave one of my applications to another developer to work on.

  1. Login into developer console, in the top right corner, click on Help and Feedback menu and select Contact Support
  2. In next dialog select I would like to have my apps transvered to a new account
  3. googleplay

  4. Fill the Application transfer Request form with your name, account email and the wallet id’s:
  5. transfer-formHint:

    Your Developer Registration Transaction ID is available from the Google Wallet dashboard, and is typically formatted:


    Now wait for email from Google, that your app was succesfully tranfered. This will only migrate the app, but you still need to sign the app with the same certificate for upload an update. Obviously, you dont want share the keystore/alias password with another person, so for complete transfer you need to change keystore and alias password.

  6. In the meantime, made a backup of your keystore and make a sure, that keytool is in your PATH, or just run command line in your Java SDK /bin directory (in this case you need to accordingly adjust path to the keystore in the commands)
  7. To change your keystore password use
  8. keytool -storepasswd -keystore YOUR.keystore

  9. Now change the alias password
  10. keytool -keypasswd -keystore YOUR.keystore -alias OLD_ALIAS

  11. And finally change the alias
  12. keytool -changealias -keystore YOUR.keystore -alias OLD_ALIAS -destalias NEW_ALIAS

    Send the keystore to the second developer.  From now he take over all the development from the Google Play point of view.